When Sunny Leone revealed why she didn’t walk out of that infamous interview

Sunny Leone has come a long way in her career in the entertainment industry over the last decade or so. From being a Bigg Boss contestant to a popular actor, Sunny has carved a path for herself. But during this journey, there have been speed bumps and detractors too. One such incident was a few years ago when a journalist put her on the spot with an offensive and sexist line of questioning. A few years ago, Sunny herself had addressed the infamous interview and why she chose not to walk out of it despite being insulted. Also read: Sunny Leone on how she’ll protect her kids from reports about her: ‘You can’t lie, they’re going to find the truth’

The interview in question was with Bhupendra Chaubey in 2016, who seemed to continuously press Sunny to respond about her career as an adult film star in the past. He subjected Sunny to misogynistic and regressive questions such as ‘lot of married women believe Sunny Leone is a threat to their husbands’ and ‘how many people think of becoming a porn star’. However, Sunny’s responses earned her praise from fans, who called her demeanour ‘grace under fire’.

In 2018, Sunny addressed that interview in an interaction with Hindustan Times. “There is a moment when he said something and I was about to get up and go, but he said, ‘No, sit down’,” she recalled. When asked why she did not walk out of the interview, Sunny said, “I firmly believe in the idea that I will never let anybody get the best of me. If I had walked out of that interview, everything he said about me would have been true. It would have been the confirmation of everything he (insinuated) on that stage.”

Sunny Leone was last seen in the lead role in MXPlayer’s action thriller web series Anamika. The actor performed her own stunts on the show. She is set to make her Malayalam debut with her upcoming film Rangeela, and her Tamil debut in Veeramdevi. Sunny will also be seen in a dance number in the Hindi film The Battle of Bhima Koregaon.

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