When Alia Bhatt talked about dating a boy in Class 10, getting dumped

Alia Bhatt, who tied the knot with Ranbir Kapoor last month, had spoken about her dating life in her younger years during an appearance on Koffee With Karan. Filmmaker Karan Johar recently announced that his popular talk show Koffee with Karan will return with a new season, this time on Disney+ Hotstar. The show, which has aired since 2004, has seen a number of revelations, confessions, and controversial comments during the last six seasons. Also Read| Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt spotted together for first time after wedding, fans have questions

Alia Bhatt, who has appeared on the show on five occasions in the past three seasons, is expected to make an appearance in the seventh season as well. Her first appearance was on season 4 in December 2013, during which she appeared with Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan. The trio had made their Bollywood debut together with Karan Johar’s directorial Student of The Year in October 2012. During their appearance on the talk show, Karan said that Varun has told him Alia had a string of young boyfriends.

Alia, who was 20 at the time, said in response, “I wouldn’t call it a string, but I did have (boyfriends) and serious relationships, like two years, (then) two years.” Karan interrupted her to express surprise that she had two serious relationships by the time she was 17 and asked her, ‘you started (dating) at 10?” Alia explained amid laughs, “That’s why I say it’s not a string. I started dating in 6th standard,” prompting a shocked Karan to ask “what?”

She added, “But that obviously wasn’t dating. That was just like we used to smile at each other from across the classroom.” As Varun joked that it was ‘half-base,’ Alia said, “There was no half anything. I actually had my first boyfriend in the 10th standard.” Asked if that was her serious relationship, Alia agreed, saying, “Because I dated him for two years. He was my first, like high-school love.” When Karan suggested that Alia dumped her boyfriend to become a movie actor, she denied it and said, ‘no, he dropped me.’

Alia also addressed the rumours at the time that she is dating Varun, who married his childhood sweetheart Natasha Dalal last year. Varun and Alia noted that there were rumours about her and Sidharth also, who is currently rumoured to be in a relationship with Kiara Advani. Varun then joked, “There were rumours of me and Sid also,” while Alia said, “There were rumours of all three of us together also.”

Alia tied the knot with Ranbir Kapoor on April 14 at their Bandra home Vastu in presence of close family and friends. They started dating in 2017 when they worked together in Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra. The film, which also stars Amitabh Bachchan, is scheduled for a release on September 9 and will mark Alia and Ranbir’s first film together.

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