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What Is The Process For Canada PR Application?

The applicant must carefully complete the process within the given time frame. Here is the process:

Step 1: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

An applicant has to get Educational Credential Assessment or ECA to prove that their foreign education is on par with the Canadian level.

Step 2: Language Proficiency Report

The candidate needs a language expertise report with the IELTS score. This demonstrates if the English skills of the applicant are as per the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB) 7 or not.

Step 3: Express Entry Application

Once the candidate has both the documents, they can create an online profile in the Express Entry System profile.

Step 4: CRS Score

The candidate receives a score after filling the application form, which serves as a cut-off to assess applications. If you have the required CRS score, you become eligible for the Canada PR visa.

Step 5: Express Entry Draw

After that, the applicant must wait for the Express Entry Pool draw, held at regular intervals. Candidates who are above a specific rank get an invitation for PR.

Step 6: Invitation To Apply (ITA)

If you are above the rank, you will receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA). After receiving it, you have 60 days to apply for PR.

Step 7: Final PR Application

You can send in the final PR application with the required documents. The authorities aim to process a majority of these applications within six months. If you get approved, you will receive your PR authorization.

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