Victoria’s Secret Online Store Launched In India

The e-commerce store, officially launched on November 22, 2021, will house the brand’s popular fragrances, body care products, mist collections and accessories.

The Victoria’s Secret store will also house sister brand PINK’s beauty collections.

Official site: Victoria’s Secret Beauty India | victoriassecretbeauty.in

While the brand has entered the digital beauty market, Victoria’s Secret and franchisee retailer Major Brands (India) Pvt. Ltd has also confirmed plans to launch physical stores in Delhi and Mumbai in the summer of 2022.

Victoria’s Secret was rumoured to launch in India in October 2021 following the brand’s expansion in Israel and Milan.

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s largest intimate retailer, specialising in modern, runway-inspired collections such as casual sleepwear, athleisure and lingerie.

With award-winning scents such as Bombshell, Tease and Heavenly, Victoria’s Secret is also one of America’s most popular fragrance brands for women.

The retailer had opened its first store in India at the Delhi airport in 2014 but limited its collection to just beauty and fragrances.

The brand’s popular and extensive intimate wear line had been excluded from the store.

The store was eventually closed in 2020.

Victoria’s Secret is widely recognised for its annual fashion show that features some of the world’s top supermodels.

The fashion show, which started in 1995, has drawn criticism in recent years for being ‘sexist’, ‘outdated’ and ‘lacking diversity’.

The company issued a statement which read:

“We are so pleased with our brand transformation, which highlights diversity and inclusion and our advocacy progress.

“Our models are increasingly representing the diversity of our customer population; we continue to roll out size-inclusive mannequins to all stores, and we entered into a new exclusive partnership with Mindd, the first bra company engineered for the D+ woman.”

“We also launched the VS Voices Podcast, our new maternity bra and our first Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign featuring a partnership with Stella McCartney and our new Body by Victoria Mastectomy Bra.”

“We donated sales of the mastectomy bra for the month of October to the Victoria’s Secret Global Fund for Women’s Cancers to accelerate innovation in cancer research for women, by women.”

The brand claims to have nearly 1,400 retail stores worldwide and a predominantly female workforce of more than 25,000.

It is committed to inspiring women around the world with products that uplift and champion their journey while creating lifelong relationships and advocating for positive change.

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