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Try These 5 Positions In 2021 & Make Your Partner Happy

Whether you are in a serious relationship or in Casual Hookup, New Year 2021 through these 5 positions so that you fill your life with passion.



In this new year 2021, you want to try many new things. Then whether you want to roam in a new place, buy some new stuff, develop a new hobby. So why not do something new in your bedroom too and do something new in love life as well as sex life.

Whether you are in a serious relationship or in Casual Hookup, New Year 2021 through these 5 positions so that you fill your life with passion.

1. Standing Up Position

In case of sex, standing up position is not a new position, but if you have not tried it yet, then try it in this new year. If you want, you can add a twist to it. Ask your partner to lift you in your lap and wrap your legs around their body. To do this, the partner will need a lot of strength. So, if you want, you can take support of any stool or counter top.

2. Side Cowgirl Position

Many people know about cowgirl position and reverse cowgirl position. But have you heard of the side cowgirl position? In this position, ask the partner to lie on his back. Now sit facing them on the side and enjoy them.

3. Semi 69 Position

You must have heard about 69 positions. But this semi 69 has some new twist. Lay the side wedge facing both the partners towards each other. Now give each other oral sex in this position. You can also switch positions if you want.

4. Legs On Shoulder

Everyone is aware of the traditional missionary sex position, but this classic position can be reinvented in many ways. In the missionary position itself, the female partner has to put her feet on the shoulder of the mail partner during the entire act.

5. Edge Of The Bed

To try this sex position, the female partner should lie down on the edge of the bed while the mail partner stands and enter. To avoid any kind of discomfort, you can put a cushion or blanket under the back. Organism is also felt more in this position.

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Republic Day violence: Jaspreet Singh, who climbed on the Red Fort tomb, arrested



republic day violence jaspreet singh arrested

Republic Day violence | 

In the most recent development in the Republic Day violence case, Jaspreet Singh, a Delhi resident was arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police on Monday in connection with the violence that marred the national capital during the tractor rally on January 26.

The 29-year-old was seen in offensive gesture holding steel tensile installed at the Red Fort and has been accused of climbing up one of the tombs located on both sides of ramparts of the iconic monument during the January 26 violence. Jaspreet is also known as Sunny and is a resident of Swaroop Nagar.

Delhi Police have so far arrested over 100 people in connection with the violence that broke out at ITO and Red Fort during the farmers’ Republic Day ‘Tractor Parade’. Last week, the Police, tightening its noose around the culprits, released photos of 220 people allegedly involved in the violence that erupted on Republic Day. The police had also appealed to the public to share any photos or videos of the violence.

Deep Sidhu arrested by Delhi Police; gangster Lakha Sidhana still on the run

Among those arrested is the Punjabi actor and Khalistani supporter Deep Sidhu for his role in instigating violence and the vandalisation at Red Fort on Republic Day during the farmers’ tractor rally. Sidhu was traced by Delhi Police using advanced surveillance technology.

Another accused in the case, gangster Lakha Sidhana is still on the run and had recently released a video, urging people to meet at Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh’s ancestral village Mehraj in Bhatinda for a Kisan rally to be held on February 23.

The Delhi Police special cell also arrested one Maninder Singh Moni, a mechanic who was seen swinging swords at the Red Fort on January 26. According to the police, the sword dancing by Moni motivated violent protesters to attack personnel stationed at the Red Fort.

Republic Day riots in Delhi

Delhi on Republic Day this year was convulsed with large scale violence after rioters disguised as ‘farmers’ entered Delhi to unleash violence, injuring nearly 400 policemen. Many of those rioters, driving tractors, reached the Red Fort and hoisted religious flags and alleged Khalistani flag on its domes and the flagstaff at the Red Fort while desecrating the national flag.

The police have so far registered 38 FIRs in connection with the Republic Day violence and have arrested over 100 people. They had also issued lookout notices against 44 people, including the alleged ‘farmer’ leaders, who they believed had instigated the rioters to indulge in violence.

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