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Top 6 Helmet Brands For Indian Youth

The freedom to drive a two-wheeler often comes with safety concerns. Helmet is one of the most preferred and important safety guards for bike riders. Bikers often get confused and overlook the need and quality assurance of a good helmet.

According to a road rage survey conducted across India, the majority of those 78.3 percent of road rage riders were not wearing helmets. To make road safety and self safety more reliable let us discuss some brands that should be preferred while choosing the right fit for your next ride.

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Top 6 Helmet Brands in India

India being one of the largest economies there are a lot of brands and competitors in the market. With this article, we aim to provide our readers with brands that stand out in the market and are known for their quality and assurance. Let’s discuss them.

1. Vega

Vega Helmet

Vega was incorporated in 1982 on the completion of its 30 years in the market in India. Their motto is quality over quantity. They are known for their innovation, in house designing, machining, fabrication, assembly and testing facilities. Vega often comes with helmets that are fashionable and reliable in terms of safety.

2. Steelbird

Steelbird Helmet

Steelbird is one of the biggest players in the helmet market. It has been working since 1964 to make India its homeground. Steelbird has gained national and international recognition which makes it an all-rounder. They have a wide variety of ranges and options available to the riders. Riders can choose from different categories according to their comfort and sobriety.

3. Studds

Studds Helmet

Beginning in 1983, Studds is known to manufacture 14 million helmets per year, making it the strongest and most reliable choice by riders. They have both domestic and international clients in 50 countries. Studds can be your stop when looking for a helmet as an everyday accessory.

4. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Helmet

Royal Enfield is known for its bikes but did you know that they also make accessories like helmets to compliment those bulls? Dirt bikers could easily use Royal Enfield helmets to accompany their adventures. Bring safety to your next adventure.

5. Xinor

Xinor Helmet

Xinor Helmets is the flagship of Xenor Industries, which has more than 30 years in the market. They are the mark for reliability and affordability. Xenor is known for their unisex half helmets available in the market. With some riders often looking for the comfort that comes with half a helmet, the Xinor may be something worth looking into.

6. Sage Square

Sage Square Helmet

Sage Square is available all over India. It is known for its quirky and feminine designs. Female riders If you are looking for something that is made just for you then the Sage Square Helmet hits right up your alley. They also make helmets for kids which is very rare on the site for the Indian market.


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