Pranitha Subhash on pregnancy: Big belly was the first thing that came to my mind

The first thing that came to Pranitha Subhash’s mind after the positive pregnancy test was big belly. However, now, the actor admits she has started to love her weight gain along with the baby growing inside her belly.

“I was overwhelmed when I first got to know about the test result coming out as positive. Somehow, you don’t immediately think of becoming a mom or having a baby. You think of the pregnancy and the big belly. At least that’s what happened to me,” confesses Subhash, who announced her pregnancy through a social media post earlier this week.

She continues, “As actors, we are obsessed with our looks. We are always worried about how we are looking as all the attention is on us. But when you get pregnant, you slowly start to think that there’s another human being (growing inside you). That fact takes over your life”.

As per the Hungama actor, that’s the moment when one starts to embrace it all.

“Yes, you start becoming a little chubby, your body goes through so many changes, you are tired, there are emotional changes. But at the end of the day, you start loving the symptoms, even if they are some of those symptoms which you don’t really want, still you enjoy it”.

Subhash, who got married last year to businessman Nithin Raju, describes her pregnancy experience as fun, saying, “We are taking each day as it comes, discovering new things every day”.

Ask her how did her husband react to the news, she gushes, “He was out that day, I kept calling him and called him home, and that is when I told him that I am pregnant”.

“He was so happy. Even when we were dating, we used to talk about having babies. And now it is coming true,” says the actor, who has been exploring the South Indian film industry for over a decade.

However, there is one thing that she wants to keep a secret, and that is her due date. “That is something we want to keep it to ourself. I have a bunch of throwback pictures which I will post. While it is good, this phase is confusing for me, so I am going to take my time,” she concludes.

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