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‘No Discussion on Farm Laws’: After CM Amarinder’s NITI Aayog Meeting Message, Rajiv Kumar Refutes Claim



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Hours after Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh said in a statement that he urged PM Modi to ensure urgent resolution to the ongoing farmers’ “unrest”, NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar clarified that no one spoke about farm laws in the sixth governing council meeting, and only reforms in agricultural sector were discussed.

Singh, who couldn’t attend the meeting due to ‘ill-health’, recorded a message for the prime minister where he made the appeal on farmers, and a request on an early release of the state’s pending GST compensation. He also expressed concerns over the threat to Punjab’s agriculture sector as a result of the “disruptions caused by the three new farm laws”, according to a state government release.

Kumar further said that six things were in focus during the meeting — making India a manufacturing powerhouse, reimagining agriculture, improving physical infrastructure, accelerating human resource development, service delivery at grassroots level, and health and nutrition. He added that all states are focused on growth agenda.

Earlier, in the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on ‘zero defect, zero effect’ mantra which he gave in August 2014 to Indian entrepreneurs for better products–a direct reference to the need to make things without causing the environmental harm. “We should enhance the use of technology and focus on opening of new startups to strong its expansion to achieve the goal of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’,” Modi said.

He further said that ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ campaign is the way to build an India that produces not only for its needs but also for the world, and these productions will also stand the test of world superiority. To achieve the goal, the Prime Minister added there is need for a better coordination among Centre as well as states and increase export.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan told PM Modi that the agricultural scenario of the state has been transformed through floriculture, horticulture and bee- farming, a government official said. Speaking during the virtual meeting of the NITI Aayog being chaired by Modi, Chouhan also said that alternatives would be made available to farmers in the state to enable them to sell their agriculture produce.

He hailed the Union budget 2021-22 saying that it aims to make the country self-reliant, and added that Madhya Pradesh will also lay emphasis on self-reliance in its budget. Chouhan said that efforts would be made in the state budget to make optimum use of the allocations made in the Union budget, the official said.

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‘Blackmailers also come to this court’: Delhi HC pulls up petitioner over frivolous PIL



Courts in India are often burdened with frivolous petitions by litigants who would seek judicial recourse for each and everything under the sun. Over time, the courts have come down hard against such litigants and have even imposed financial penalties to refrain them from filing such petitions. Recently, one such petitioner who filed a petition in Delhi High Court on anticipated water supply shortage in Delhi withdrew his plea after the court questioned his locus standi in the case.

When the petitioner was unable to answer the questions raised by the Delhi Court, he offered to withdraw the plea. To this, the court said, “Yes you better withdraw it, warna jo kaam karte ho woh bhi bandh ho jayega.”

The petitioner had filed a plea seeking the court to direct the state of Himachal Pradesh to release water through Western Yamuna Canal on the basis of MOU dated 20.12.2019 HP & GNCTD, and order Haryana to facilitate this water to reach Delhi.

However, the court slammed the petitioner, asking him in what capacity has he filed the case and if he is smarter than the high ranking officials in the states who are looking into the matter.

“Who are you? In the eyes of law, who are you? You want directions to these states.. but the governments, high ranking officials are all looking into it, are you smarter than all of them? Are you the custodian of the state of Delhi?’ the bench of Chief Justice Patel and Justice Singh asked.

The court sought livelihood and bank details from the petitioner, stating that many times blackmailers approach the court.

The petitioner, in turn, responded that he is a ‘professor’ and has done work with ‘baulis’ around Delhi. The court further pressed the petitioner to reveal if he serves as a professor anywhere.

However, by now, the petitioner had developed cold feet and he expressed his desire to no longer pursue the petition any further. The petitioner asked, “Allow me to withdraw the petition”, to which the court responded: “Yes you better withdraw it, warna jo kaam karte ho woh bhi bandh ho jayega(You better withdraw it, or else what you work will also stop)”.

Delhi High Court’s Chief Justice Patel and Justice Singh held a discussion over it and decide not to impose any cost on the petitioners. “All the three states have Water Departments and experts who will handle this better than you. You’re not a super-government,” CJ Patel said after which the petition was unconditionally withdrawn.

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