Nepal passed the first ever “Citizenship Amendment Bill”


  • The citizenship amendment bill was being discussed for over two years (since 2020), because it could not bring a consensus among political parties.
  • Political parties had different opinions on different provisions, including- seven-year waiting period to get “naturalised citizenship” for foreign women who is married to Nepali men.

Nepal’s first Citizenship Amendment Bill 2022

  • Nepal’s first Citizenship Amendment Bill 2022 will amend the Nepal Citizenship Act 2006.
  • Bill will make provisions to provide citizenship in line with the Constitution.
  • There was a need to amend the citizenship act, because many people are deprived of citizenship certificates even though their parents are citizens of Nepal. It was further depriving them of education and other facilities provided by government.

Citizenship Law in Nepal

Citizenship or Nationality in Nepal is regulated under Articles 8, 9, and 10 of constitution of Nepal. Parliament had promulgated the “Nepal Citizenship Act 1964” on February 28, 1964. The act provides for single citizenship in entire country. Later in 2006, “Nepal Citizenship Act, 2006” was promulgated to repeal 1964 act. 2006 act comprises of provisions related to termination and acquisition of citizenship in Nepal. To get citizenship card in Nepal, people need to present citizenship cards of mother and father, along with the birth certificate.

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