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Man says his daughter-in-law has extra-marital affair with Irfan Pathan





Cricketer Irfan Pathan has found himself in hot water today when a video accusing him of being in an illicit extra-marital affair went viral. The video depicts Syed Ibrahim, the aged father-in-law of the girl in question, who accused his daughter-in-law of being in an illicit affair with the cricketer.

“She has an affair with cricket Irfan Pathan, she sleeps with him”, said Syed Ibrahim in the video about his daughter-in-law, saying that she herself has admitted to the alleged affair.

Syed Ibrahim, a retired police officer from Ahmedabad, accused Irfan Pathan of putting pressure on his son to let the affair continue. He also alleged that the police are not willing to take their complaint because of the political pressure that Irfan Pathan exerts on prominent officers. The aged Syed Ibrhamin was accompanied by his wife in the video, both threatening to commit suicide if they don’t get justice. The Police have now booked a case against the couple for threatening to commit suicide.

According to Vejalpur Police in Ahmedabad, the daughter-in-law has already filed a dowry case against Syed Ibrahim and his son on 11 March 2021. The police are currently investigating the matter. In the meanwhile, Syed Ibrahim’s family has accused the daughter-in-law of filing a false dowry case and being in an illicit relationship with Irfan Pathan.

Actually, the daughter-in-law of Syed Ibrahim is a cousin sister of Irfan Pathan. According to Syed Ibrahim’s son and husband of the woman in question, the relationship between his wife and Irfan Pathan goes back a long time ago and has continued even after marriage. According to the son, his wife and Irfan Pathan talk through video-calling regularly, and that his wife goes on dates with Irfan Pathan in secret. When all of this was revealed to the family, the girl filed a dowry case against them, according to the son.

After Syed Ibrahim’s video went viral, the newspaper Dainik Bhaskar attempted to get a comment from Irfan Pathan, but his mobile phone was switched off.

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