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Man Found Filming Secretly In Ladies Toilet | Watch Video

Viral video has circulated on Facebook, showing a young Indian man in a public bathroom filming women on his mobile phone.

The lengthy video caught the man in the act as well as the aftermath.

The man filming the video and another are seen walking with a woman, supposedly after she entered the toilet and saw the perpetrator spying on her.

She directs him to the public bathroom, which features both men’s and women’s on either side.


The man goes into the men’s and looks up, however, no one can be seen.

He then proceeds to go into the women’s bathroom where one older woman is already inside.

He says: “Auntie.”

This prompts a concerned look on the woman’s face before the younger woman says:

“There’s someone in here.”

They look up to see a young man looking over with his phone out.

They then shout and call for the man, wearing a burgundy shirt, to come down. Meanwhile, the two women berate the man for filming them.

As attempts are made to get the man down, the women explain that he had been filming them while they used the toilet.

The pervert eventually gets down and is met with slaps from both men before the older woman slaps and shouts at him.

He is grabbed and forced to walk through a wooded area.

The Indian man is then told to hand over his phone, however, he protests.

The older woman is seen trying to go into his pocket but is restrained by the voyeur.

He eventually hands his phone over and is told to unlock it.

When they go to his videos, they find that he had filmed the older woman entering the bathroom.

Upon the discovery, the voyeur tries to take back his phone but is unsuccessful.

Seeing that it is her in the video, the older woman angrily hits the Indian man. The other two men also kick and hit him for his disgusting actions.

The older woman asks him:

His name is later revealed to be Raj. The two women continue to hit him, telling Raj:

“Don’t you have any shame?”

Raj pleads with the two men to stop filming but they refuse. Further examination of his phone revealed that he had made four videos of the older woman in the bathroom.

They then suggest calling the police, prompting Raj to ask them not to.

It is then decided that Raj’s parents would be called, informing them of their son’s actions.

The incident received over five million views and netizens took to the comments.

Many people praised their actions in dealing with the man.

One person said: “Good job.”

Another said: “Good job my dear. Carry on.”

However, others believed the video was scripted.

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