Maggi With Milk And Chocolate Sauce | Video By Food Blogger

A video of Indian food blogger Anjali Dhingra cooking Maggi noodles with milk and chocolate sauce has gone viral.

A video of a food blogger cooking Maggi noodles with milk and chocolate sauce has gone viral.

Anjali Dhingra, who is also a software developer, took to Instagram to share the unique recipe with her 100,000 followers.

She said that someone had commented on a previous video of hers requesting that she make ‘chocolate Maggi’.

Dhingra said that they had provided all the steps in order for her to do so and she posted the process in a short clip.


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The Bangalore-based blogger starts the video by saying:

“My theory is that this might taste like semiya with chocolate syrup.”

Firstly, Dhingra begins by boiling milk and then almost immediately adds a packet of Maggi noodles to it.

She then adds the chocolate sauce, mixes it all together, transfers it to a bowl and continues to mix.

Finally, the food blogger drizzles some more chocolate sauce on top before putting it to the test.

After trying some, Dhingra admitted:

“I was very scared to try it out and it tasted disgusting.

“I mean, it tasted nothing like semiya and the texture of the Maggi was disgusting.

“So you should not try it out at all.”

The video quickly went viral and has been seen almost 300,000 times and has received 11,000 likes.

However, like Dhingra, many netizens were not impressed with the recipe either.

One user asked: “How can you do this to Maggi?! This is ridiculous!”

Another person commented: “After seeing this my eyes are bleeding.”

Someone else said: “This is a crime.”

Another user added: “I’m reporting you to the police.”

In the caption, the food blogger had asked her audience:

They did not disappoint and suggested a range of strange combinations for Dhingra to try in upcoming videos.

One person replied: “Please try chaat and Oreo Maggi.”

Another suggested: “You should try rasgulla with hot chill sauce? It’s weird.”

Someone else added: “Idli and ketchup.”

It comes after YouTuber Amar Sihori recently shared a video of himself trying an Oreo pakora from an Indian street stall.

Uploading his experience of the unique Indian snack on his channel, ‘Foodie Incarnate’, the food vlogger also delivered a negative verdict of the controversial food combination, which led to a similar response from netizens.

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