These Celebrities left their homes to fulfill their dreams
Who does not know Sonu Sood today? Apart from his good acting, he has made a different place in everyone's heart by helping people during the corona pandemic, but hardly people will know that Sonu has left his home to make his career in Bollywood. Not only this Kangana Ranaut also left her house at the age of 15.

1. Sonu Sood - Born 30 July 1973

Sonu Sood - Born 30 July 1973 sonu_sood/Instagram

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has turned from a Reel Hero to a Real Hero today. Sonu Sood is believed to be the messiah (मसीहा) by helping people during the Corona Pandemic, but few people know that about 20 years ago, Sonu left his home to live his dreams.

Once while tweeting, Sonu had told that 'I had left from Ludhiana to Mumbai to fulfill my dream in Bollywood by boarding a Deluxe Express. The reason behind this was that Sonu's parents did not want him to pursue a career in the acting world and once Sonu boarded the train, there was no way to return. Then everyone knows the rest of the story.

2. Kangana Ranaut - Born 23 March 1987

Kangana Ranaut - Born 23 March 1987 kanganaranaut/Instagram

Kangana Ranaut is very famous in Bollywood as 'Panga Girl'. She has always been known for her fearless style. With his strong acting and hard work, he has made a different identity in Bollywood. But his journey to reach this success has not been easy. When Kangana left her home to take her place in the field of acting, she was only 15 years old.

3. Rocking Star Yash ( Naveen Kumar Gowda ) - Born 8 January 1986

Rocking Star Yash ( Naveen Kumar Gowda ) - Born 8 January 1986 thenameisyash /Instagram)

Rocking star Yash has made his mark in the Kannada film industry, he is currently one of the most popular and highest-paid actors. But there was a time when his dreams of acting were rejected by the family members. Yash had also told once in a conversation with the media that 'his father wanted him to be a government officer, but I was fond of acting. 

4. Kartik Aaryan -( Kartik Tiwari ) - Born 22 November 1990

Kartik Aaryan -( Kartik Tiwari ) - Born 22 November 1990

Karthik Aryan's films are becoming a hit at the box office today. They are fulfilling their hobbies by buying new luxury vehicles, but Karthik has not got this success overnight, he has also struggled a lot for it.

 He lived in an apartment in Mumbai with 12 boys. His parents did not know that Karthik was auditioning to get roles in films. While pursuing an engineering degree in biotechnology, he dabbled in modeling and made attempts to start a career in film. After struggling for three years, he made his acting debut in 2011 with Pyaar Ka Punchnama.


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