Karan Kundrra says Tejasswi Prakash is delaying their wedding plans

Karan Kundrra has claimed that it’s not him but his girlfriend, actor Tejasswi Prakash who is responsible for the delay in them not planning their marriage. Karan and Tejasswi Prakash started dating after they spent time together inside Bigg Boss 15 house. Tejasswi was announced as the winner in the finale of the show on January 30 this year, and ever since they came out, fans and media have been asking them questions about their marriage plans. Also Read| The Khatra Khatra Show: Tejasswi Prakash, Karan Kundrra groove to Samjhawan, fans call it ‘couple goals’. Watch

Tejasswi has been deflecting the question by putting the blame on Karan Kundrra, noting that he hasn’t proposed to her until now. Karan has now taken revenge on her by putting the blame back on her, claiming that she doesn’t have enough time for a wedding.

He told ETimes, “We don’t hide anything. We are taking it slowly. As far as marriage is concerned, madam ke pass time kahan hai (where does she have time for it). Har interview mein woh mere upar phenk deti hai (she throws the blame on me in every interview) and now I will be putting it on to her. The funny part is that our parents meet each other more than us as they have more time. But we are going with the natural progression as of now.”

Tejasswi had said in a recent interview with HT that she loves the rumours and questions about her marriage. She said, “All the positive rumours about the roka and shaadi, I love all of them. (But also) It’s funny. Why should I tell you (people who ask) if the roka has happened, if we are planning our wedding or if we are buying a house? Wo humare beech ke baat hain. In my head, I’m like why do you want to know? But it’s nice and cute. About the negative ones, I’m not used to it.”

Tejasswi also noted how their fans, who have affectionately named the couple Tejran, started asking questions about a breakup when a Valentine’s reel she had posted with Karan got deleted from Instagram due to a glitch. She said, “Our fans flipped. ‘How could she delete the post?’ were the kind of things I heard. (So) You just have to be prepared for questions and posts. Every little move they are watching.”

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