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How Malaika Arora Looks Young & Fit After 40’s?

Malaika Arora’s beauty and her perfect hourglass figure even in her 40s, she has successfully managed to keep herself fit and her skin, flawless. However, she loves eating pizza and even her Instagram handle is loaded with her Sunday binges! So, how does she manages to keep herself so fit and young? Scroll on to find out her fitness mantra that you should follow for that perfect toned body.

Malaika Arora is one of the fittest actresses in tinsel town and there is no denying it. The diva not only inspires millions but also keeps on sharing her health and fitness secrets. The diva recently opened up about what she eats throughout the day and you’ll be surprised to know that she fasts for 16 hours after her dinner.

Talking about her diet routine, Malaika shared that she does intermittent fasting and she doesn’t eat anything in the morning as her last meal in the night is around 7-7.30 PM. “So, I fast about 16-18 hours until the next day,” Malaika said.

She further told ETimes that she starts her day with liquids such as warm water. The stunner went on to share that one can have ghee, coconut oil, coconut water and jeera water.

Food & Drinks:

Malaika love for nuts is no longer a secret. The diva carries a bag of almonds with her as a travel snack, and she has also posted pictures of her mid-travel snack on social media. Sugar-free smoothies, juices and lots of water are an integral part of Malaika’s diet. It keeps her skin hydrated and reduces signs of aging.

Detox Meals:

Malaika Arora follows a strict detox diet and eats her last meal by 7:30 pm for 10 days. It includes a bowl of soup, salad and grilled fish with steamed vegetables. Malaika Arora eats omega 3 rich food as much as she can. Omega 3 fights free radicals, prevents wrinkles on the skin and gives young, glowing skin. It also promotes hair growth and keeps the hair shiny.


Malaika maintain her slim-trim and perfectly toned figure with her daily intense workout, the ravishing actress makes sure that she does not miss her workout any day. She starts her workout with a 20-minute cardio session, followed by pilates and weight training. She also practices yoga every day. This also helps her stay healthy from inside and gives a long-lasting glow. In an interview with a media house, Malaika revealed, “Some people practice yoga purely for meditational purposes, some purely for the asanas because it helps to correct posture and tone the body. I genuinely look at it from a more holistic approach. There’s a lot of wear and tear in my profession, and yoga helps in recovery better than any kind of physical activity.”

Sourced from IANSlife, Here’s what Malaika has shared about her fitness and beauty secrets:

Question: What’s your fitness regime? How do you include walking in it?

Answer: I believe in having a routine which I choose to follow on a regular basis. I start my day with a good morning session of yoga and then I step outside to do a mix of other fitness activities as well like HIIT, walking, running, swimming and so on. Walking is a great way to improve and maintain your overall health and I make sure I do it for at least 30 minutes a day.

Question: Which is your favourite exercise? How much time do you dedicate to exercise in a day?

Answer: My favourite exercise is doing yoga as I always begin my day with it. I usually dedicate 60 minute in a day for exercising.

Question: Please share some benefits that you have personally seen when you included walking in your regimen.

Answer: Walking is a risk-free form of exercise that helps you to maintain your overall health. When I feel I have put on a little weight, I feel walking is an effective way to reduce that weight and I have also seen a lot of toning in my legs and overall body while I indulge in walking as a regular fitness exercise.

Question: While travelling, how do you take care of your fitness regime?

Answer: I always make sure I dedicate some time to my fitness routine even when I’m travelling as exercising gives me inner peace and keeps my outlook positive

Question: How important do you think it is to focus on diet while trying to achieve a fit body and mind?

Answer: For achieving a fit body and mind, I believe eating right is the best way to maintain your health. The balance should be 30 per cent exercise to 70 per cent diet in order to achieve the body you wish for. If one wishes to follow a particular and strict diet, then they should always consult a doctor or a trainer and set up a diet best suited for their body.

Question: Are you strict about your diet?

Answer: I keep making changes in my diet to see what really suits my body and provides the maximum benefits. Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to the intake of food.

Question: What does your daily diet look like?

Answer: I don’t believe in dieting as I eat what my body demands and what my mind desires, of course in moderation. I don’t follow a particular diet and I eat what I like be it Avocados or Biryani.

Question: Any fitness advice to readers?

Answer: Each individual has their own fitness goals which they want to achieve. My only advice to my readers is to follow a routine, eat right and work hard to bring balance between your body, mind and soul to the best of your abilities and become the ideal version of your own self.

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