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Here’s Satyadeep Misra’s Adorable Message for Masaba Gupta



Satyadeep Misra and Masaba Gupta

Satyadeep Misra and Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta shared a picture of Satyadeep Misra on her social media handle and we are all hearts for the couple.

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta and actor Satyadeep Misra have been dating for quite some time. The much in love couple does not shy away from expressing their feelings for each other on social media. Most recently, the ace fashion designer shared a photo of her lover on Instagram stories. In the snap, one can see Satyadeep busy meditating in a printed black round neck t-shirt. The designer has added a meditating man emoji, to convey her message. The actor, on the other hand re-shared the story on his handle with the caption, ‘I have an early AM stalker’ with a kiss emoji.

The two of them had rang the new years together at Masaba’s mother, Neena Gupta’s house in Mukteshwar. They had also shared a cutesy picture of themselves on January 1. In the image, one can see the gorgeous couple twinning in black as they pose in front of Neena’s house. Masaba is seen wearing a black full sleeves t-shirt with track pants of same colour while Satyadeep is wearing a pair of black lowers with a matching hoodie jacket. The duo have shared the same photo with same caption on their respective handles. Extending the greetings of New Year to their insta fam they wrote, “Happy New Year from the mountains! Stay Happy. Stay Healthy. And the rest will follow”.

Their photo was much loved by netizens and their friends from the industry. Many people dropped in heart and fire emoji as a mark of their appreciation. Their friends from the industry including, Dia Mirza, Suchitra Pillai, Rytash, Rhea Kapoor, Pooja Dhingra among others also expressed their love in the comments.

Recently, Masaba and Satyadeep were seen together in a Netflix show titled Masaba Masaba. The show as the name suggests is based on Masaba’s life. Directed by Sonam Nair, the show also stars Neena Gupta. In the biographical drama show, Satyadeep is seen playing the role of Masaba’s ex-husband.

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Food Items That Make You Gain Belly Fat



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Are you wondering what to do apart from working out to prevent gaining fat around the abdomen? Well, apart from exercising, it is equally important to monitor your food intake, control portions and practice mindful eating.

After all, you are what you eat. There are some fattening foods or we could rather call them ‘belly bullies’ that must be avoided at any cost to shed those extra kilos around your belly.

Let’s take a look at the list of these foods that disrupt your slim waistline by fat deposition:

Sugary food and beverages: Cakes, candies, frozen yogurt, soda, pastries are high in sugar content. These foods have added sugar in them that contain a lot of fructose.

Both regular sugar and corn syrup are high in fructose. One has 50% fructose while the other has 55%. These foods decrease insulin sensitivity and cause fat deposition around the belly.

Processed food: The processed foods such as white bread, white rice, breakfast cereals, canned soups or tinned vegetables, potato chips, pies, muffins, biscuits, cookies- though taste great but are stripped of nutrients, fibers, vitamins. They contain a whole lot of extra sugar, salt, oil, and calories, trans fats.

Bacon, processed meat: These are high in calories, saturated fats that absolutely set your body functions out of whack. Avoid hot dogs, bacon, sausages as they are tough to digest and add to the fat deposition in your abdominal area.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol meddles with the body’s metabolism; reduces fat burning capacity, and calories from alcohol tend to get deposited as belly fat.

Carb-dense food: Bagels, white pasta, white rice, donuts are rich in carbohydrates. Consumption of such carb-dense food over a period of time, on a regular basis, leads to sugar and insulin spikes. Insulin resistance, PCOD, even cardiac problems might arise beside gaining belly fat.

Fried foods: Like the processed foods, fried foods are another factor contributing to the weight gain around the belly. High in fat, difficult to digest, cause acid reflux, simply sits in the stomach for prolonged hours- leading to the fat build up in the belly.

It is not only about the appearance going for a toss with the abdominal fat deposition, but it’s also about the health hazards that come with gaining the fat. So avoid these ‘belly bullies’ foods.

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