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Happy Birthday Millie Bobby Brown: Looking Back at Her Best Red Carpet Looks



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British actor Millie Bobby Brown turned 17 on Friday and since her debut at the age of 12, she has certainly evolved her red carpet looks. The English actress and producer,popularly known for her role in Stranger Things, has already left her charm with some of her best looks. Apart from the series, Millie has also been a part of Enola Holmes (2020) andGodzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). She is famous for her red carpet looks.

Last year, Millie wore the all-white Louis Vuitton hi-low jacket dress with an edgy matching pant to elevate the whole at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

For the premiere of Netflix series Stranger Things season 3 in June 2019, Millie wore this exuberant pink creation by Rodarte. The tutu dress worked its magic on the red carpet as Millie paired it with the sleek pulled back hair.

Taking inspiration from her Stranger World period of the 80s, Millie wore this retro bubble skirt and belt to add a spunky touch. The actress complemented her look with sleek accessories and uber cool hairdo.

Channelling her inner princess, Millie wore this nude shade Valentino gown that had floral sequin embroidery, for the premiere of Godzilla King of the Monsters premiere in Beijing in 2019.

For the 2018 Golden Globe Awards red carpet look, Millie wore a black Calvin Klein dress, which she wore to send out message to help protest gender inequality, sexual assault, and violence in Hollywood. It was the year when the The MeToo movement had stormed Hollywood.

Here’s hoping Millie keeps slaying us with her beauty.

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I’m Following a Weekly 24 Hour Fast: Anil Kapoor Reveals His Fitness Secrets, Favourite Cuisine



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Bollywood veteran Anil Kapoor reveals he has different foods for different moods. The 64-year-old says he loves to try different cuisines and special items from every country he visits. In an exclusive interview, Anil talks about all things food.

Q: What’s your favourite cuisine?

A: I have different foods for different moods. I don’t have a favourite cuisine as such really. A good meal is a good meal regardless of its shape, colour or form.

Q: Where is the food capital of India, according to you?

A: Aamchi Mumbai! I might be biased, but there’s no doubt that the food culture in Mumbai has evolved a lot over the past decade… with so many great new restaurants and talented chefs, it’s a haven for all foodies now.

Q: Do you try local food of places you travel to?

A: I love to try different cuisines and special items from every country and whenever I visit the place again I know my favourites! My manager Jalal conducts proper research on the famous foods of every country/city we visit and we make it a point to try at least a couple of the items, if not all!

Q: Do you eat fast food? How often and how do you compensate?

A: I do eat junk food! I love my burgers and fries every once in a while. My daughter Rhea often whips up some great food for my cheat days. As for how I compensate, I read a quote a while back which said you cannot overstrain a diet… and I couldn’t agree more. If I have a great meal, I always balance it out with a great workout.

Q: Do you follow a strict diet?

A: I do follow a good diet that works for me, but I keep switching it up. Currently for example, I am following a weekly 24 hour fast. I’m not sure how long I will do this, but it’s working for me so far. My diet also depends on how heavy or light my workday is… Honestly, it’s because I keep changing things up that I can sustain it for longer… Cheat days are very important to break the monotony. In fact during the lockdown, we had a designated cheat day where Rhea would cook some delicious food and I would eat to my heart’s content! Now too we have our occasional binge days and I look forward to it!

Q: Do you also cook sometimes?

A: I don’t usually cook but I would love to if I had the time and I’m sure I would enjoy it as well.

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