Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Available Now | Here’s How To Play It For Free

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available to download and play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S and PC starting today.

The full game is still coming on December 8, but as a surprise for Halo’s 20th anniversary today, the company publicly released the beta for anyone to try. Oh, and all progress carries over when you download the full game.

The game is available either on Steam or via Game Pass, the latter, of course, requires a subscription. But at this point, if you have an Xbox console it’s hard to imagine not subscribing to Game Pass.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is free to play right now via Steam, just hit that link and you can play or pre-order the game immediately.

On Game Pass you won’t be able to miss it, Halo Infinite multiplayer should be front and center as soon as you fire it up on Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, or PC.

As you might imagine the servers are getting hit pretty hard right now, so some users are reporting blue screens and other errors, so you may need to be a bit patient. While it may not be the full Halo Infinite experience, it’s a nice surprise that should help get diehard Halo fans through the next few weeks of waiting.

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