‘Grandkids or ₹5 crore…’: Uttarakhand couple’s demand to son, daughter-in-law | Latest News India

The parents’ lawyer, advocate AK Srivastava, was quoted by ANI as saying this case ‘portrays the truth of society’.

An Uttarakhand couple has decided to sue their son and daughter-in-law for 5 crore – because they have been married for six years and have not yet had children.

“They were wedded in 2016 in hopes of having grandchildren. We didn’t care about gender, just wanted a grandchild,” the father SR Prasad, was quoted by news agency ANI. The parents have demanded the younger couple have children ‘within a year’ or pay ‘compensation’ of 2.5 crore each.

“I gave my son all my money, got him trained in America. I don’t have any money now. We have taken a loan from bank to build home. We’re troubled financially& personally. We have demanded 2.5 crore each from both my son and daughter-in-law in our petition,” Prasad said.

The parents’ lawyer, advocate AK Srivastava, has declared this case ‘portrays the truth of society’.

“We invest in our children, make them capable of working in good firms. Children owe their parents’ basic financial care. The parents have demanded either a grandchild within a year or compensation of 5 crores.”

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