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Gigi Hadid Shares Glimpse of Zayn Malik Walking Khai on a Stroller



Singer and former One Direction band member Zayn Malik has perfectly adapted to his father duties. In a recent interactive Instagram session, Zayn’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid shared some never-before-seen pictures from her pregnancy and some adorable moments from post-pregnancy. The couple who became parents to their first child together Khai have been taking up the role of parents and Gigi’s pictures on her Instagram Story show that.

In one of the pictures from December 12,Gigi shared a glimpse of how her boyfriend is taking up parental duties. The 28-year-old singer was seen taking his five-month-old daughter out on an evening stroll in a pram. The picture showed Zayn’s back, who was wearing a blue denim jacket, as he pushed Khai’s pram. The picture left several fans and former One Direction fans go ‘awww’.

Gigi also shared pictures from how she spent her time during her pregnancy last year which the couple announced in April last year. In one of the pictures from August 6, 2020 Gigi showed how she was choosing the colour for Khai’s nursery walls. While in another picture she was seen in a Gold glittery bikini when she was eight month pregnant in August. Gigi was seen soaking the sunlight as she embraced her baby bump. Another picture from the first day of 2021 showed Khai in a custom made pink bodysuit.

The American supermodel is back in business as she featured in her first solo Vogue cover for its March issue after pregnancy. Gigi shared the cover photo and expressed what an overwhelming moment it was for her.

As she shared the post on Instagram, Gigi said that she is emotional and honored to take her first professional step, in a new chapter of womanhood, with a dream come true. Not forgetting her mommy-duties, Gigi said that she could post the pictures on Instagram as Khai was rockin’ in her Nemo bouncer.

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Food Items That Make You Gain Belly Fat



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Are you wondering what to do apart from working out to prevent gaining fat around the abdomen? Well, apart from exercising, it is equally important to monitor your food intake, control portions and practice mindful eating.

After all, you are what you eat. There are some fattening foods or we could rather call them ‘belly bullies’ that must be avoided at any cost to shed those extra kilos around your belly.

Let’s take a look at the list of these foods that disrupt your slim waistline by fat deposition:

Sugary food and beverages: Cakes, candies, frozen yogurt, soda, pastries are high in sugar content. These foods have added sugar in them that contain a lot of fructose.

Both regular sugar and corn syrup are high in fructose. One has 50% fructose while the other has 55%. These foods decrease insulin sensitivity and cause fat deposition around the belly.

Processed food: The processed foods such as white bread, white rice, breakfast cereals, canned soups or tinned vegetables, potato chips, pies, muffins, biscuits, cookies- though taste great but are stripped of nutrients, fibers, vitamins. They contain a whole lot of extra sugar, salt, oil, and calories, trans fats.

Bacon, processed meat: These are high in calories, saturated fats that absolutely set your body functions out of whack. Avoid hot dogs, bacon, sausages as they are tough to digest and add to the fat deposition in your abdominal area.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol meddles with the body’s metabolism; reduces fat burning capacity, and calories from alcohol tend to get deposited as belly fat.

Carb-dense food: Bagels, white pasta, white rice, donuts are rich in carbohydrates. Consumption of such carb-dense food over a period of time, on a regular basis, leads to sugar and insulin spikes. Insulin resistance, PCOD, even cardiac problems might arise beside gaining belly fat.

Fried foods: Like the processed foods, fried foods are another factor contributing to the weight gain around the belly. High in fat, difficult to digest, cause acid reflux, simply sits in the stomach for prolonged hours- leading to the fat build up in the belly.

It is not only about the appearance going for a toss with the abdominal fat deposition, but it’s also about the health hazards that come with gaining the fat. So avoid these ‘belly bullies’ foods.

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