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Conquer Corona: Fight Mucormycosis/Black Fungus





If you have recovered from COVID-19 but have cancer, diabetes or AIDS, you are prone to mucormycosis. The fungal infection seems to have broadened its sphere of influence again this year. Approximately 350 patients have been diagnosed with COVID-19 triggered mucormycosis in Gujarat’s Morbi district itself. This fungal disease is mainly found in COVID-19 recovered patients but also affects those still fighting for their lives. Bleeding nose is a common observation after recovery.

Mucormycosis and its Symptoms


Often triggered by COVID-19, it is detected to be a fungal infection which starts with nose bleeding and followed by bleeding from the eyes and ears. The patient might not survive after facial swelling and distortion. COVID-19 survivors with a history of diabetes or cancer are the easy targets and much susceptible.


  • Nasal congestion: Patients typically have a bleeding and stuffy nose.
  • Pain in eyes and area surrounding them turns red.
  • Continuous drooping of eyelids.
  • Repeated episodes of severe headache.
  • Black colored mouth ulcers have also been found in such patients.
  • Swelling on cheeks can also be observed.
  • Loss of vision.

It has a potential to troll mortality rate close to 50%, if not diagnosed at an early stage.

It is a kind of fungal infection in which immunity of the people who were infected by the Coronavirus decreases. Immunity can further decrease due to COVID-19 medication such as steroids and remdesvir. A rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds is known as mucormycosis. These are found throughout the environment and are often seen in the form of black molds. The black fungus affects sinuses, the brains and the lungs.


10 out of 100 patients have lost their eyesight to save their lives in Gujarat. Several hospitals in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Delhi are now witnessing the rise of black fungal infection.

Cure for mucormycosis

Doctors say, mucormycosis is curable with timely diagnosis and proper treatment.

It is most important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible, as the infection can be stopped from spreading further. The infection can even reach the eyes from the nose through sinusitis and may also infect the brain. People should take measures to increase their immunity. Diabetes patients should regularly monitor their sugar levels, especially when prescribed steroids to treat COVID-19. Diabetic patients can consult with their doctor if they need to start injecting insulin. Increase the intake of green vegetables in the diet. Doctors suggest that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can reduce the risk of mucormycosis.

With vaccination, the chances of getting mucormycosis will also decrease. Those who are inoculated shall develop high immunity due to antibodies, and in case, even if they get infected, the severity would be much less. Please do not forget to get yourselves vaccinated against Covid-19, as we all know the chances of infection is much less in inoculated bodies. Your efforts to prevent yourself are the best cure!



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