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Columnists apologise for spreading fake news of a funeral of a Hindu man



Vulture journalism views every disaster as the perfect opportunity to further its nasty propaganda. In the latest incident, ‘journalists’ like Abhisar Sharma and Ravish Kumar took to social media to share fake news, unable to mask their Hinduphobia. On Monday, Amar Ujala carried false news suggesting the funeral pyre of a 25-year-old Anubhav Sharma was lit by his Muslim friend Yunus in Muzzafarnagar. The report also suggested that Sharma lost his battle to corona. 

Soon pictures of Yunus lightning Anubhav Sharma’s funeral pyre went viral on social media with the liberal media making most of the occasion to spread Hindu hate.

The truth

As per a Swarajya report, upon contacting Anubhav Sharma’s elder brother Sharad Sharma, it was revealed that Anubhav had not died of corona and that the family members performed his final rites. Calling the social media posts misleading, Sharma said, “I have performed the last rites of my brother with my own hands. People from my (Hindu) community, from my family, were all present,” 

Sharma informed that Mohammed Yunus worked as a driver for the family and was a good friend of Anubhav. “He is my friend too and he was with us all the time, but the last rites were performed by me, in presence of my family and my community,” he added. Sharma clarified that Yunus just added the raal to the pyre.

Columnist with The Wire, Mohammed Zubair and Ravish Kumar caught spreading fake news

The liberal gang was quick to take notice of the Amar Ujala article and sprang to spread this misinformation with additional commentary almost instantly.

Ravish Kumar, the NDTV journalist shared a screenshot of a Tweet talking about the incident giving the title ‘think, understand and wake up’.

Ravish Kumar’s Facebook post

Former news anchor Abhisar Sharma too shared this on Facebook which has about 27,000 shares already. Sharma, who is not new to spreading falsehood, wrote (as translated), “Mohammed Yunus performed the last rites of Anubhav Sharma in Muzaffarnagar. The day you understand the hypocrisy of religion, the wall of sand will collapse…”

Abhisar Sharma’s Facebook post

A journalist named Kashif Kakvi, who supposedly works with a website called and is a columnist with the likes to The Wire and TheQuint said in his Twitter post that Anubhav’s family did not come forward to perform his last rites and it was for this reason that skull cap-wearing Yunus lit the pyre. This Tweet was retweeted by alleged ‘fact-checker’ Mohammed Zubair who failed to fact-check this bit before retweeting.

Kashif Kakvi’s Tweet

As their fake news factory was busted, Kakvi issued a clarification and apologized for spreading misinformation.

Kakvi Tweets an apology

Another alleged journalist named Aadesh Rawal Tweeted the photo with the same caption given by Abhisar Sharma. Not sure who copied whom but both managed to create communal disharmony using a mournful occasion of death.

Rawals’ Tweet

The photo was also shared by verified Twitter accounts like Imran Pratapgarhi who has about 9 lakh followers.

Imran’s Tweet

Picture of the funeral

Sharad Sharma, on being asked to put out more images from the funeral remarked, “It was not an occasion to take pictures. We don’t know who clicked Yunus’s picture, but I am sure that anybody who took pictures of the event would have pictures of me, my family and the gathering.”

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Eid gatherings show the futility of lockdown during Covid-19 second wave



The Muslim community across the world is celebrating Eid ul-Fitr today. With it, the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. As is to be expected, social distancing norms and lockdown measures against the Coronavirus pandemic have gone for a toss during Eid celebrations.

Authorities in most states of India are not even pretending that they are making an effort to clamp down on Eid gatherings. It is in stark contrast to the atmosphere that has prevailed in the country for months on end.

The visuals emerging from multiple states are quite staggering. Huge crowds are loitering in the streets to celebrate the festival. But it is not a new development. Such scenes have prevailed over the past few days in the run up to the festival.

Such scenes demonstrate why lockdown in India during the second wave of the pandemic was a doomed endeavor from the very beginning. Apart from questions regarding their efficacy, lockdowns will not work if authorities refuse to enforce the restrictions on one particular section of the community.

Enforcing lockdown was a humongous task even during the first wave of the pandemic. However, people were more willing to abide by the restrictions because there was the general sentiment that the lockdown will not be a regular feature and it was only temporary.

After more than a year, people’s patience is already wearing thin. On top of that, there is clearly a discriminatory manner in which the lockdown is being implemented across various states. It is unclear how lockdown is supposed to help, even if it helps at all, when you allow vast sections of the population to flout every norm.

There are genuine costs to such duplicity. It leads to a disregard for the law among the larger populace. For instance, a policewoman was attacked in Madhya Pradesh and a police vehicle was set on fire after cops visited a marriage ceremony in Chhindwara where Coronavirus guidelines were reportedly being violated.

It’s really unfortunate what happened and people should not be taking the law into their hands but when they can see that Coronavirus restrictions are being applied in an arbitrary manner, they will respond accordingly at some point. This is not a justification for lawless behaviour, it is only a word of caution for what happens when laws are not imposed equitably. Sooner or later, people decide that they have had enough.

It is not one or two errant occasions but the general condition of the state of the lockdown. In Tripura, a wedding was raided and guests were thrashed. Even the groom and purohit were not spared. In Delhi, a video went viral where a couple could be seen behaving in an obnoxious manner with the police.

But it was after the Police approached the couple for not wearing a mask inside their own car. Yes, you read that correctly, inside their own car. This is at a time when restrictions are being flouted openly at the farmer protests at the Delhi border.

If authorities in India cannot apply such vast overarching laws equitably, then they should say so and not impose it at all in the first place. They should say that they do not have the capabilities necessary to enforce such a mandate and act accordingly.

Now we have a situation where livelihoods are being destroyed due to the lockdown and jobs are being lost while restrictions have been made a joke of by vast sections of the population. It is only the law abiding citizens who are suffering.

There is no justification in preventing people to earn their livelihoods when authorities are incapable or unwilling, perhaps both, to impose the lockdown on a particular community. Authorities can wax eloquence and polemic on social media and elsewhere but the manner in which the lockdown has been imposed during the second wave of the pandemic remains a blot on the face of the nation.

Such duplicity is not helpful for intercommunity relations as well. There was much hue and cry made about the Kumbh Mela and yet, the media and politicians are completely giving Eid gatherings a free pass. The pandemic politics that the media and politicians have indulged in have been one of the divisive exercises carried out in recent times.

There is a great deal of evidence that the farmer protests contributed massively to the spread of the second wave of the pandemic and yet, in global media and national, it is the Kumbh Mela that was demonised. Such hypocritical conduct has grave consequences and we will be living with it for years to come.

It is time for authorities to admit they are in no position to impose a lockdown and allow people to live as they deem it. Carrying on with the circus that persists today is a slap across the face of every law abiding citizen.

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Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Will Improve From June, 4-Fold Increase Over May Figures Likely In August



Supply of Covid-19 vaccines is likely to increase sharply from June, helping India get close to 300 crore doses in the seven-month period ending December, government officials aware of the matter said on Friday.

Estimates chalked out by officials suggested that the tentative supply figures in May (8.8 crore doses) could almost double by June (15.81 crore doses) and quadruple by August (36.6 crore doses). In December alone, 65 crore doses might be available, over a seven-fold jump from the May numbers.

The numbers also meant that there could be 268 crore doses available between August and December, 52 crores more than an earlier estimation that first sparked hopes of a decisive win against the coronavirus disease in the country battered by a brutal second wave of the pandemic.

On Thursday, Niti Aayog member Dr Vinod Kumar Paul, who is also the head of the national task force on Covid-19 vaccines, said 216 crore doses would become available from August to December. At a press briefing, he mentioned eight vaccines — a significant increase from the two currently in use — that would help the country of 130 crore people inoculate all its citizens.

Successful implementation of the plan would help India defeat the pandemic at the dawn of a new year. India’s infection count has soared to grim records and the health care system is reeling from high disease burden with reports of deaths due to non-availability of medical oxygen coming in from several states.

Read all the Latest News, Breaking News and Coronavirus News here

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Coronavirus News LIVE Updates: Experts Examine Effectiveness of Plasma Treatment, Advisory Likely Next Week



Coronavirus News LIVE Updates: Kejriwal said the citizens of Delhi had played a big role in reducing the number of fresh cases by strictly following the lockdown rules.

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