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Coconut Oil: The New Hair Care Favourite Across the World



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Coconut oil may have been the home ground of hair care for us, but it is now the superpower for hair across the west too. We have known this all along, but it is now being endorsed by big celebrities in Hollywood too.

Coconut oil is the ultimate champion towards restoring hair health. The nourishing and moisturizing properties for hair have made this oil’s popularity spread across the globe. A study on the Medicinal Benefits of Coconut Oil displays the rich content of Vitamin C and E and the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil makes it the ace game toward rejuvenating hair and scalp health.

Would you have imagined a day when Hollywood celebrities would indulge in the good old ‘Champi’ that we received as kids. Well, that day is here. The benefits of this oil have made coconut oil head massages a rage across the West. Many celebrities in the western world even call it the ‘miracle liquid’ for hair. This is because it is the only oil that seeps 10 layers deep into the hair follicles to offer maximum benefit.

The most popular way of applying coconut oil for best results is by taking a few drops and applying it across the lengths of your hair and the remnants on your scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes or even overnight and shampoo your hair as normal after.

Gone are the days where people succumbed to using products with a scary list of chemicals as the ingredients. In a world that’s leaning toward all things natural, coconut oil has emerged as a sure shot winner in the hair care mantra.

With a boastful list of antioxidants, there is no other sure shot way to ensure that your hair gets the tender love and care that it truly deserves. It is no wonder then, that celebrities across the world, seem to be lapping it up. From Miranda Kerr, to Mindy Kaling, Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Kourtney Kardashian, Lucy Hale, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and so many more are dependent on coconut oil’s naturally endowed, powerhouse ability for hair nourishment.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas heats up the coconut oil and massages her scalp then wraps her hair in a hot towel. Afterwards, she shampoos and conditions as usual. She proclaims, “I guess thanks to that, I have extremely luscious hair that can stand up against the brutality of my profession!”

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Food Items That Make You Gain Belly Fat



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Are you wondering what to do apart from working out to prevent gaining fat around the abdomen? Well, apart from exercising, it is equally important to monitor your food intake, control portions and practice mindful eating.

After all, you are what you eat. There are some fattening foods or we could rather call them ‘belly bullies’ that must be avoided at any cost to shed those extra kilos around your belly.

Let’s take a look at the list of these foods that disrupt your slim waistline by fat deposition:

Sugary food and beverages: Cakes, candies, frozen yogurt, soda, pastries are high in sugar content. These foods have added sugar in them that contain a lot of fructose.

Both regular sugar and corn syrup are high in fructose. One has 50% fructose while the other has 55%. These foods decrease insulin sensitivity and cause fat deposition around the belly.

Processed food: The processed foods such as white bread, white rice, breakfast cereals, canned soups or tinned vegetables, potato chips, pies, muffins, biscuits, cookies- though taste great but are stripped of nutrients, fibers, vitamins. They contain a whole lot of extra sugar, salt, oil, and calories, trans fats.

Bacon, processed meat: These are high in calories, saturated fats that absolutely set your body functions out of whack. Avoid hot dogs, bacon, sausages as they are tough to digest and add to the fat deposition in your abdominal area.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol meddles with the body’s metabolism; reduces fat burning capacity, and calories from alcohol tend to get deposited as belly fat.

Carb-dense food: Bagels, white pasta, white rice, donuts are rich in carbohydrates. Consumption of such carb-dense food over a period of time, on a regular basis, leads to sugar and insulin spikes. Insulin resistance, PCOD, even cardiac problems might arise beside gaining belly fat.

Fried foods: Like the processed foods, fried foods are another factor contributing to the weight gain around the belly. High in fat, difficult to digest, cause acid reflux, simply sits in the stomach for prolonged hours- leading to the fat build up in the belly.

It is not only about the appearance going for a toss with the abdominal fat deposition, but it’s also about the health hazards that come with gaining the fat. So avoid these ‘belly bullies’ foods.

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