Best Remote Desktop Software For Windows

Remote desktop software allows a user to seamlessly connect to and interact with a computer in another location via an internal network or the internet. Remote desktop software enables the user to see and control a connected PC or laptop as though they were sitting directly in front of it. Remote desktop software is helpful for things like collaborative work, technical support, and demonstrations.

The main difference between remote desktop and screen sharing software is that screen sharing allows users to literally share their screens for the purpose of presentations or web conferencing. Remote desktop, on the other hand, offers a full set of features for actual remote use, which is handy in the case of tech support calls or away-from-the-office computer use.

The main difference between remote desktop and VDI software is that with VDI, the user can actually access their company’s network, verified by user identification and authentication. VDI allows the user’s computer to access network resources and servers from another, remote location. Remote desktop software is less comprehensive and simply replicates the desktop experience.

Remote desktops are used by support technicians and professionals who remotely configure data centers and other industrial applications. There are two major categories of remote desktop software: operating-system-based and third-party solutions. The OS-based solution is provided by the same company that provides your business’ OS, which means that it is baked right into the system. Third-party solutions equals ease of use: you just download the program and have the program run, troubleshoot, and support the software for you. Below are the 5 best remote desktop software for Windows systems.

To qualify for inclusion in the Remote Desktop category, a product must:

  • Display the remote computer screen on your own screen in real-time.
  • Use own keyboard and mouse to control the remote screen.
  • Allow user complete access to and control over the remote desktop.
  • Allow connection either via an internal network or IP address.
  • Support differing operating systems.

1. TeamViewer

As a leading global technology company, TeamViewer offers a secure remote connectivity platform to access, control, manage, monitor, and support any device — across platforms — from anywhere. With more than 600,000 customers, TeamViewer is free for private, non-commercial use and has been installed on more than 2.5 billion devices. TeamViewer continuously innovates in the fields of Remote Connectivity, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, and Digital Customer Engagement, enabling companies from all industries to digitally transform their business-critical processes through seamless connectivity. (Official Link: TeamViewer)

2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a trailblazing and innovative provider of Remote Desktop Software and offers a fast, easy, and secure solution for Remote Support, Remote Access, and Remote Work. Our customers range from large corporations and government institutions to research facilities, small enterprises, and personal users, connecting devices around the globe. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2014, AnyDesk has reached 500 million downloads and over 100.000 customers worldwide. With offices in Berlin, Clearwater (US), Shanghai, and Hong Kong, AnyDesk is taking a leap forward from Start-up to Scale-Up and expands its business globally continuing its rapid growth. Unparalleled speed, extraordinary ease of use, and highest security standards are our strong suit. AnyDesk offers advanced customization options enabling users to adapt the software to their individual needs. (Official Link: AnyDesk)

3. VNC Connect

VNC® Connect is screen sharing software developed by RealVNC, the original inventors of VNC remote access technology. VNC Connect lets you connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it. From enabling remote working, to managing vital systems remotely, to providing IT support for your organization, VNC® Connect has the features you need to stay connected. Millions of businesses around the world choose VNC Connect for its affordable price, its ease of use and unparalleled security. (Official Link: VNC Connect)

4. GoToAssist

GoToAssist Remote Support helps service and support professionals resolve technical issues to customers, remote employees, unattended computers and servers. It offers a desktop application and web-based application letting agents choose the application interface that best suits their needs and individual preference. Finally, agents have access to a fast and easy-to-use support tool for a lighter, faster remote support experience. (Official Link: GoToAssist)

5. Microsoft Quick Assist

Quick Assist is a new app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection. We encourage you to try Quick Assist for a more streamlined, easy-to-use experience. (Official Link: Microsoft Quick Assist)

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