Anupamaa Gets New Twist | Bapuji Breaks Ties With His Son Vanraj

Star Plus popular daily soap Anupamaa is full of interesting twists and turns. To give you a gist of what is going on in the show right now.

Anupama is hurt by what Baa did to Bapuji. While Bapuji is heartbroken, Anupama and GK try to cheer him up. In the previous episode, Babuji kept crying in his sleep and woke up panicking. Anupama was worried about Vanraj finding out about the whole situation.

Later, when Anu went to give to blanket to Babuji, she found him missing. So she ran to look for him. She found Babuji inquiring for a watchman job. This broke Anupama’s heart and she asked Babuji the reason for looking for a job. He said that he didn’t want to be a burden on his daughter.

Next day, Baa performed puja in the house and everyone looked happy. Kavya even suggested that they start afresh and bring back Babuji. However, Baa said that he will return on his own. When Kavya asked Baa if it is Anupama’s plan to take Babuji to her side, Baa replied that their 50 years of marriage cannot be broken easily.

Later, Anupama and Anuj were seen trying to cheer up Babuji by making him wear a pair of funky looking shoes. They also ask him to accompany them for a walk. Meanwhile, Baa asked Mamaji to bring Babuji back, however, he refused to do so. When Baa asks him if he is upset because of one slap, Mamaji said that she should not have insulted Babuji. Baa is concerned with how her son Vanraj would react after finding out that Bapuji has left to live with Anupama. Babuji asked Baa to let their son know that his father is dead for him now.

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