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6 Superhero Traits You Wish You Had at Workplace



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There’s no denying the fact that all of us – kids, teenagers, and even adults – at some point have wished for superpowers. Haven’t we all wondered – “What if I could fly?”, “What if I could be invisible?” or “What if I had the power to go back in time?”. Well, this is especially true of those with hectic work schedules (even when they work from home), who hope for a miraculous spell that can help them power through the day and get the job done.

The good news is that if not for real, you can at least identify which of these 5 could be your superhero trait. But hey, it’s not going to Superman, Batman, The Avengers or even X-Men. It’s going to be one of India’s very own superheroes. And if you want to brush up on your knowledge of Indian Mythology, there’s a podcast to help you do just that. Stream Superheroes of Indian Mythology, a Spotify Original podcast, and learn some tips and tricks from the best of India’s superheroes – the likes of Krishna, Laxman, Hanuman, and more.

With that, it’s time to make things easier at the workplace – chop chop!

Laxman’s Laxman Rekha

Multiple meetings? Never ending deadlines? Endless amount of extra work? Add to that your colleagues always-on gossip. Irritating, isn’t it? But what if you had the super ability to draw a Laxman Rekha around you which would prevent enthusiastic colleagues from invading your personal space. We agree, there’s nothing like peace at work.

Eklavya’s hearing skills

Believe it or not, all of us want to be in the know of what’s being said about us when we’re not there or listen in on office gossip from afar (Guilty?). But there’s a positive side to that. Meet Eklavya, who learnt all his archery skills by hiding at a distance from his master Dronacharya and still excelled at it. Think about it, once you have this superpower (and use it well) you would be able to perform better and excel.

Krishna – Superhero of the superheroes

This one’s a biggy. We can create a whole host of Krishna’s superpowers that you would like to have at the workplace or life in general. After all, he is one of the mightiest superheroes with superpowers that not only include strength but also the ability to read people’s minds and see through anything (literally!). Such powers are sure to make your work life so much easier. You know what we mean.

Ganga’s lightning speed

Too many tasks, too little time – sound familiar? We’ve all had days of being burdened with numerous tasks, speed-typing away and relying on several coffee cups. But what if you had Ganga’s speed to zoom through tasks and wrap them up on time, maybe even before! Imagine not only being as quick as Ganga’s fast-flowing current, but also keeping as calm as her under pressure. She does sound like a treat to your mental peace, we know.

Parushram’s arsenal of weapons

This one’s a little tricky but Parshuram is known for his arsenal of weapons. While we don’t need arms and ammunitions at the workplace, we could all do with that superpower to protect our team from overbearing asks from clients or even bosses (metaphorically). And of course, that shield could protect you from working on weekends too!

Hanuman – Gamut of superpowers

Traffic woes? Worry not! If you possessed qualities like Hanuman, you would be able to lift your car, walk through all the road rage, straight into your office, on time and in style. There’s more to Hanuman than just that. You could also work at the speed of light and give your colleagues work-life balance goals.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Green Tea is Good for you



8 Low-calorie Food Items Which are Beneficial in Reducing Weight

Green tea, often touted as the ‘antioxidant elixir’, is one of the healthiest drinks one can think of. Since centuries, green tea has been held in high esteem for its medicinal properties.

It cushions us from many chronic ailments owing to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties; its ability to prevent cell damage, delay ageing, and endless other beneficial properties.

Brimming with healthy bioactive compounds green tea is an excellent hydrating drink.

A look at its benefits:

1. Averts cancer risks: Polyphenols present in green tea aid in killing the cancerous cells and prevent their growth. Subsequently, due to the powerful anti-carcinogenic properties, its consumption reduces chances of cancer in bladder, colorectal, lung, prostate, breast, skin, stomach, ovary.

2. Mood booster: Green tea possesses L-theanine which enhances levels of serotonin (happy hormone) and dopamine. As a result, it helps to relax the mind, make one feel calm, and also promote alertness. It is a stress reliever and concentration booster at the same time. It reduces the risks of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

3. Supports weight loss: Studies have revealed that replacing a soda with 1-2 cups of green tea everyday, will save 50,000 calories annually. Now that’s a whole lot of calories you dodged on your way to weight loss, if you opt for this healthy beverage instead of colas. Moreover, the benefit of enhanced metabolism on green tea consumption, is an additional bonus that helps burn the fat away.

4. Diabetic-friendly: Consumption of green tea has been found to reduce risk of diabetes by 42%. Catechins’ presence in it, decreases blood pressure, keeps blood sugar level in control, reduces chances of congestive heart failure.

5. Beauty enhancer: Green tea is a potent detoxifier. Rich in catechins (antioxidants), anti-aging, anti-inflammatory substances, it aids in binding metallic substances, toxins in the body and cleanses the blood. It is also extremely alkalizing, balances pH levels in the body. So with flushed out toxins, purified the blood, you get amazing, radiant skin due, all thanks to this beautiful beverage. Also, it prevents tooth decay, microbe overgrowth in the mouth and freshens the breath,

If you are really craving for a drink, then why not opt for the one which is healthy and satisfying- the green tea.

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